Family-Friendly Picture Books



Reviews for younger kids.

To help parents find reading material for younger children, the Thriving Family staff reads hundreds of picture books published each year. Then we create an annual list and choose to review only 10 that have family-friendly text and illustrations. This highlighting of 10 picture books from the previous year began with books published in 2008 and continues today.

What is a family-friendly picture book?

Family-friendly picture books can do one of two things. They can

  • include a positive example of some aspect of family life from a biblical worldview.
  • have a positive, family-friendly message that entertains parents and children, even as they entice families to read or look at a particular book often.

We hope you enjoy our picks of this year's 10 Family-Friendly Picture Books! (Scroll down further for staff picks from previous years.)

10 Family-Friendly Picture Books from 2013

10 Family-Friendly Picture Books from 2012

10 Family-Friendly Picture Books from 2011

10 Family-Friendly Picture Books from 2010


10 Family-Friendly Picture Books from 2009


10 Family-Friendly Picture Books from 2008

Do you have a book that you would like considered for a review? Although we can't guarantee that all books requested will be reviewed, we are always happy to hear from you. Send your requests!


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