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Body Image

Teens and a Healthy Body Image
The Truth About Beauty

Character Qualities

"The Least of These" and Your Teens
Source of Self-Worth, The
Teaching Teens to Care
Value of Integrity, The


Communicate Better With Your Teen
Connecting With Your Emotional Teen

Connect on Their Terms
Connect With Your Teen: Share a Summer Adventure

Guiding Teens to Handle Conflicts With Adults
Life Can be Beautiful
Love Languages and Your Teen
Loving Your Teen Through Life's Seasons
Respectfully Confronting Adults
Using Social Media to Engage With Your Teen

Dating and Sex

Coping With Teen Pregnancy
Does Equal Mean Identical?
Romantic Comedy: It's No Laughing Matter

Sex Talk, The

So Your Teen's Going to Prom . . . Now What?
Talking Abstinence With Your Teen
Teen Dating in a Digital World 
Teens and Sexual Harassment


Be Your Teen's Role Model
Do Your Teens Know That Grace is Enough?
Does Your Teen Need a Mentor?
Encouraging Your Teen's Faith
Help Your Teen Own His Faith
Teaching Teens the Life Skill of Renewing Their Minds
Teen Attitudes and Body Language
Why Teens are Attracted to Wicca and the Occult
Wrestling With Faith


Bucking the Entitlement Trend
Boundaries: The Key to Freedom
Can a Parent Expect Respect?
Escaping the Entitlement Trap
Freedom to Fail
Teens and Anger
Your Chores or Mine?

Education & School Activities

From High School to College
From Middle School to High School
Helping Your Teen Choose a College
Help Your Teens Prepare for College
How to Prevent Classroom Cheating

Is Your Child Cheating?
Rachel's Challenge: Teach Teens to be Kind at School
You, the College Search and Your Teen

Entertainment & Online Choices

Caught in the Web
Virtual Choices ... Real World Consequences

Friends & Relatives

Are You and Your Teen BFFs?
The Imperfect Christmas Get-Together
Value of Christian Friends, The
The Wrong Crowd?


Six Money Lessons from Chuck Bentley
Teaching Teens to Be Money Savvy
Teens and Personal Responsibility
Teens Who Overspend


Facing the Fear Factor
Motivating Teens to Achieve
Raising Discerning Teen Readers
Ways to Cultivate Discerning Teen Readers

Rebellion or Independence

Accepting Your Teen's Need for Independence
How to Pick Your Battles

Independence or Rebellion?
Rules and Rebellion


Is Your Teen Ready to Drive?
Risks Teens Take


Special Needs & the Challenge of Change

Special Needs & the Challenge of Change

Helping kids deal with daily transitions

Rekindling Intimacy

Rekindling Intimacy

Overcoming challenges in the bedroom

Book Reviews for Parents

Book Reviews for Parents

Read our teen and tween book reviews for parents.

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Thriving Family Archives

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