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Thriving Family magazine

Back-to-School Blues
    by Vicki Caruana
What's for Lunch?
(retitled online "School Lunch Recipes") 
     compiled by Sheila Seifert

7 Things Every Home-School Rookie Should Know
     by Debra Bell
Family Field Trips 
     by Andrea Gutierrez

On the Road
(retitled online "Matthew West: On the Road")
     by Jeremy V. Jones

Whose Job Is It Anyway?
(retitled online "Negotiating Chores With Your Spouse") 
    by Sheila Wray Gregoire

Family Living

Daly Focus: 'Mouse Code' . . . and the Moments We Nearly Miss
(retitled online "The Moments We Nearly Miss)
     by Jim Daly
For Him: 'Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat'
(retitled online "Can You Be Totally Honest With Your Wife?")
     by Phil Callaway

For Her: Perfect Isn't the Point
(retitled online "Women and Perfectionism")
     by Jill Savage

Blended Family: Defusing Jealousy
     by Todd Gangl with Tammy Gangl

Single Parent: Fighting for Kaitlyn
(retitled online "Seeking Sole Custody")
     as told to Elsa Kok Colopy

Adoptive Family: When Your Child Pushes You Away
     by Michael Monroe

Family Faith

Our Eternal Home
(retitled online "Teaching Kids About Heaven")
     by Randy Alcorn

For Your Marriage:
     Seeking Unity by Jaime Schreiner
     Battling Together by Heather Greer

Devotions on the Go:
     Decisions, Decisions by Lisa Bartelt
     Prayer Reminders by Julie Lavender
     (retitled online "Make Time to Pray")
     Obey God by Marcy Lytle
Family Media

App reviews featured:
    Cozi Family Organizer
    MyScript Calculator 

Book reviews featured:
     from the classroom: The Fairy-Tale Detectives
     from Christian publishing: Monster
from pop culture: Delirium

Family Stages

Early Years 
Attention for Two by Emily Pardy
Sleep Cues by Monica Schleicher
When You Just Need a Minute by Sylvie Branch
Special Diets and Special Occasions by Marcy Lytle
Thriving Family Tip

Discovery Times 
Encouraging Good Sportsmanship by Vanessa Peters
Speed Up the Morning Routine by Tahisha Richards
Kid+Frog=Learning by Jan May
Taming Nightmares by Becky Tidberg
Seek and Spell by Rudine Mayfield

Tween Ages 
Step Away From the Drama by Cari Stone
Homework Snapshot by Alexandra Lutz
Reflecting on Scripture by Sarah Blakeley
Connect With Your Kids: Peanut butter hat cookie recipe from Clubhouse magazine

Teen Phases
Does Equal Mean Identical? by Darlene Brock


The Art of Losing by Nicole Brouwer
Bless Your Grown Children by Debra Evans
Help Your Teens Prepare for College by Bethany Macklin
Heaven: Answering Kids' Questions by Randy Alcorn
Find Field-Trip Attractions in Your Area by Andrea Gutierrez
School Lunches for Special Days by Karen Schmidt
Seeing the Best in Him by Chrystal Evans Hurst
The Best Mom Ever by Melanie Shankle 

Family Faith

Weekly Family Devotions:
    Follow Jesus' Pattern by Naomi Cassata
    Bear Good Fruit by Nicole Brouwer
    Share Your Faith by Crystal Brothers
    Heavenly Wisdom by Naomi Cassata
    Respect for God by Cortney Whiting
    Wise Decisions by Candice W. Allison
    The Source of Wisdom by Cortney Whiting

Free Resources

Free Stuff for Parents
Thriving Family Weekly - a free parenting resource for day cares, schools and churches

Thriving Family Ages and Stages digital magazine

Early Years
My Toddler Doesn't Obey
    by Dr. Paul C. Reisser

Discovery Times
Kids and Their Grandparents
    by Cheri Fuller

Manners & Merits: Stop Interrupting
    by TF Edwords

Tween Ages
Different Kinds of Smart
    by Cynthia Tobias

Teen Phases
For Parents
Help Your Teens Prepare for College
    by Bethany Macklin

For Teens
How to Survive in College (part one)
    by Chris Yates

For Teens
How to Survive in College (part two)
    by Chris Yates

For Teens
The College Maze
    by Susie Shellenberger

For Teens
Does School Make You Grin or Groan?
    by Angela Elwell Hunt

App Review Archive
    reviews by Vance Fry


In the Shadow of Infertility

In the Shadow of Infertility

Support each other amid feelings of helplessness & grief

'A Ridiculously Good Life'

'A Ridiculously Good Life'

The inspirational love story of Nick & Kanae Vujicic

Stretching Their Limits

Stretching Their Limits

Encourage teens to test boundaries in positive ways

Book Reviews for Parents

Book Reviews for Parents

Read our teen and tween book reviews for parents.

Thriving Family Archives

Thriving Family Archives

Articles from the magazine and the website

52 Creative Ideas to Make Your Marriage Fun


Triumph of God's Kingdom in a Broken World